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Bioware is releasing patch 3.2.1 on Wednesday of this week.  We'll be doing SM on Thursday but DMWolf reserves the right to do 2/5 HM lockouts in both ToS/Ravagers if enough mains show up.

Friday we will start on Ziost then move to Ravagers since Torque's fire will be fixed, and anything done post-raid will be TBD.  Sunday we will start where we left off from Friday and anything done post-raid will also be TBD.

Bioware has given the 27th of May as the date for the 16m Torque fire fix so we're going to get a lockout to Master/Blaster again this week on Thursday. If you find yourself in need of 198 set pieces still, please sign up for the Thursday night raid.

Friday we will start on Ziost then move to Master/Blaster and Coratanni, and will do Xenoanalyst farming post-raid.  Sunday we will start late at 9pm and work our way towards Coratanni.  Anything done post-raid will be TBD.

In other news, the Gree Event is running for a 2nd week so expect people to focus their off-time on Ilum and farming Xenoanalyst.  Congratulations again to Ryann for winning the first Red Sphere mount drop any of us have seen in months!

Dark Eclipse Vs Sword Squadron Unit 16 Man Hard Mode

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Enjoy! Team Unicorn. [link]
Pub raid Xeno 16M SM/HM - 9PM EST Sat May 2
Cort 16m Video [link]
Fucking finally. Good work guys.
Gratz guys on your master/blaster kill!
Master & Blaster 16M Video [link]
50% off Armor unlocks ends at 9am PDT tomorrow.
Anyone have Thana Vesh's chestguard? I'll pay 500k :sick:
If you are interested in doing the new world boss, show up on monday at normal raid time.
May the 4th be with you!
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