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Nightmare Kill Pics

tof a posted Apr 12, 14

Shadowlighter Grats all!!! Wish I could have been there!
Eraoc a Oh boy, just in time for a new round of crafting for us to pimp out shalava. Looks like all of Angrry's build bank cred ...
Tajun I'd ground PvP again for that....
Kookiie Can you solo queue ranked now? Or still have to be in a group of 8?
Caskit I am down for it Rhesus.
Spock if this seasons lives up to the 2nd half of the book...gona be nuts


Cupcaké posted Feb 1, 14
Zithras a Hilarious
Tajun My wife heard this and said "I'm worried about the people you game with."
Tajun I kept hoping that this [youtube]9FDXt8arBdw[/youtube] would happen.
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Happy birthday, Shalava!!!
Welp, back in a week [link]
Just for kicks, found a raid leading 101 video: [link] Not really an issue here, but it's pretty good, so figured I'd share.
Guild ships will cost 50 million.
Looks like 2.9 is going to hit the PTS soon.
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