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First I would like to say thank you for thoses that stuck with the guild as we are rebuild the guild and the 16 man raid team.  So now that school has started back up and most of you have or will be coming back from vacation it time to get back to raiding. So what I am looking for is to have a guild meeting/raid night don't care if it an 8 man or 16 man i(f we have the bodys). For the past two months I have been recruiting and it has not been easy at all so I am wanting everyone to log on that plans on raiding at some point. What this will do is show me who is still interested in raiding with the guild and also give me an ideal on who/what class I still need to recruit.  So the dates I am looking to see most if not all players will be Thursday 03rd of September at 8:30pm est and Sunday 06th of September 8:00pm estA few things we will go over is what we want to do as a guild, the expectations/Goals to reach and lock down a day other then Sunday nights to raid. I really hope to see a lot of you with in the next few weeks and get back to raiding at a high leve l and having fun. Please show up and lets kick some ass..........Angrry

Dark Eclipse Vs Sword Squadron Unit 16 Man Hard Mode

Congratulations to those who participated!

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Interesting darkness changes. Proper care of Dark Bulwark will be important.
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13 man the first 2 bosses in TOS and Rav HM. not bad for a last min. raid
If we have the bodys Raid tonight will start at 9pm est
So up Thursday and see if we can get a Co-op 16 man going
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