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NiM Brontes 16M Dead

Dmwolf posted Oct 18, 14
Morgen o After Brontes died I tab targeted and killed myself with an orb out of excitement.. lol. I thought I had auto target on ...
Morgen o Video from Sorc healer PoV http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWL8LxG_WRg ...

Some of the exciting new features included in the digital expansion:

  • Level cap increase to 60.
  • New Disciplines skill system (no more skill trees)!
  • Two new planets.
  • New high-level flashpoints.
  • New high-level operations.
  • New class abilities and ability bar proc indicators.

  • Pre-order* by November 2nd to get these special rewards!

    • Seven days of early access starting December 2nd.
    • Subscriber exclusive: Class XP Boost – Level 12x faster on all class story missions through Level 55!
    • Grand Statue of Revan (Stronghold Centerpiece Decoration).
    • Rise of the Hutt Cartel Digital Expansion – Level 51-55 missions and more.


    Find out more about the Shadow of Revan expansion: www.swtor.com/shadow-of-revan

    Find out more about the Disciplines system: http://www.swtor.com/info/news/blog/20141006

    NiM Raptus 16M Dead..

    Dmwolf posted Sep 26, 14
    Knife-Party Grats! Lets kill Council now!
    Cupcaké YAY!!!
    Nazzir Grats

    NiM 16M Calphayus Dead..

    Dmwolf posted Sep 26, 14

    NiM 16M Tyrans Dead..

    Dmwolf posted Sep 19, 14
    Morgen o Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtbUsPL9y9s ...
    Nazzir Grats
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    Yay for encouraging class diversity!
    Debuff/buff table aka who-to-bring class-wise chart *sigh*: [link]
    Good to know, no real reason to stockpile now.
    Comms update: [link]
    Comm changes in 3.0: Elite/Ultimate unchanged, the other leveling comms will be rolled into Basic. Don't know conversion rate. Caps unchanged.
    It's a cash shop Halloween (again). Video clip of three new items: [link]
    Looks like the Wildstar development studio just laid off about half of their employees.
    You rock Nazz! Thanks :sick:
    KDY & WZ decorations are in, check your achievements.
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