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NiM Brontes 16M Dead

Dmwolf posted Oct 18, 14
Morgen After Brontes died I tab targeted and killed myself with an orb out of excitement.. lol. I thought I had auto target on ...
Morgen Video from Sorc healer PoV http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWL8LxG_WRg ...

Some of the exciting new features included in the digital expansion:

  • Level cap increase to 60.
  • New Disciplines skill system (no more skill trees)!
  • Two new planets.
  • New high-level flashpoints.
  • New high-level operations.
  • New class abilities and ability bar proc indicators.

  • Pre-order* by November 2nd to get these special rewards!

    • Seven days of early access starting December 2nd.
    • Subscriber exclusive: Class XP Boost – Level 12x faster on all class story missions through Level 55!
    • Grand Statue of Revan (Stronghold Centerpiece Decoration).
    • Rise of the Hutt Cartel Digital Expansion – Level 51-55 missions and more.


    Find out more about the Shadow of Revan expansion: www.swtor.com/shadow-of-revan

    Find out more about the Disciplines system: http://www.swtor.com/info/news/blog/20141006

    NiM Raptus 16M Dead..

    Dmwolf posted Sep 26, 14
    Knife-Party Grats! Lets kill Council now!
    Cupcaké YAY!!!
    Nazzir Grats

    NiM 16M Calphayus Dead..

    Dmwolf posted Sep 26, 14
    nightstalk How can I watch this one and raptes
    Nazzir Grats

    NiM 16M Tyrans Dead..

    Dmwolf posted Sep 19, 14
    Morgen Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtbUsPL9y9s ...
    Nazzir Grats
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    Adso and Morgen, those were fantastic.
    Shadow of Revan launch day energy drink: [link]
    Right hangar bay unlocked. The place needs decorating, please :sick:
    The part that should scare you darkke is that he had to search on "suck big dicks"
    Where do you find this stuff? Hilarious btw.
    You do not have access to shout