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Fallen Empire has come

Rhesus a posted Oct 14, 15

Hello everyone,

Just a heads up if we have a few bodys on that are 65 we can do a few SM tonight. Would like to see everyone on there mains at 65 by Sunday.

Stormhunter a Welcome back mega. Hope to see you around. Busy this week with conferences but I'll be around this weekend ...
Jaged_Tiger I have returned... Not sure where to start, so much has changed.
Tajun a I'll be online but running late so likely close to 9.

Dark Eclipse Vs Sword Squadron Unit 16 Man Hard Mode

Congratulations to those who participated!

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Start getting your App in to BWC so they can start the invite process on Sunday night at raid time.
I made a post in the forums, please read
Thanks Drak fo the link
KOTFE Min/Max Stats [link]
Angrry I just made a post in the "Curious about DE" forum :sick:
Hmmm no idea what I am doing wrong but cant seem to get PMs to work right :(
Coldfire I did not recive your PM send it again plz
Thank you DM been looking for some good numbers
Angrry sent you a PM when you have a sec:)
Numbers.. as some people have been asking: [link]
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