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Working our way back

Rhesus a posted Jun 11, 15

Over the past two weeks we have had a few new players join and have done really good at what we have so far. Just need more players to log on so we can start working back in too 16 man raids again. Thursdays and Sundays are raid days show up at 8pm for raid invites....Angrry

Natsu I will not be able to make it tonight, I forgot that we were leaving tommorrow for my Wifes sisters wedding. So I have t ...

Dark Eclipse Vs Sword Squadron Unit 16 Man Hard Mode

Congratulations to those who participated!

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It won't. We actually need people to raid for it to help us.
I really fail to see how that's going to help us Darke
8 man HM Revan kill with me. [link]
Sounds, good, good luck!
Hey guys, I was suppose to be back in game by now but im actually gonna relocate to Nanaimo, BC , so I wont be playing for anopther month or so until i get my eggs in one basket kinda thing. I hope you all are enjoying the changes in game, peace out
Smuggler and Agent class changes are up. [link]
NiM EV and KP removed for KOTFE.
New cantina code thread: [link]
Interesting darkness changes. Proper care of Dark Bulwark will be important.
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