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NiM 16M Tyrans Dead..

Dmwolf posted Fri at 23:57
Morgen Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtbUsPL9y9s ...
Nazzir Grats

NiM Bestia 16M Dead...

Dmwolf posted Mon at 15:50
Knife-Party It was perfect timing. Got spit on then she cast the red aoe before she died, killing me ha.
Darkke a The timing of Knife's death announcement was exceptionally well timed.
Rhesus a Woot!

Nightmare Kill Pics

tof a posted Apr 12, 14

Shadowlighter Grats all!!! Wish I could have been there!
Eraoc Oh boy, just in time for a new round of crafting for us to pimp out shalava. Looks like all of Angrry's build bank cred ...
Tajun I'd ground PvP again for that....
Kookiie Can you solo queue ranked now? Or still have to be in a group of 8?
Caskit I am down for it Rhesus.
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Tyrans Killshot: [link]
Bestia: [link]
This is as far up as I got before giving up for the night, Rhesus. [link]
Congrats on the Kill
Make sure to check out the Tyrans grid I posted.
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